New Owners!

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Hi everyone! 
As most of you already know, the Bomb Shelter is now being operated by myself, Anthony Santoro. I just wanted to get a formal email out to everyone just to cover a few things that I think will make all of our lives much easier. 
Listed below will be the new scheduling system I plan to implement beginning Monday, March 15th. You may utilize it tomorrow (Sunday the 14th if need be), but, I would like for it to be utilized as the only scheduling system for the Bomb Shelter officially starting on Monday. 
Also listed will be the list of prices for our services, most of which have not changed. Please advise as there are a few minor adjustments as well as some additions. 

SCHEDULING: Please use the link below for all of your scheduling needs. 
In this app you have all of the possible services that we offer, if anyone has any questions regarding the navigation of the app, please let me know using my contact information at the bottom of this email. 
*Please note that you may only book a service no more than 48 hours in advance. The only exception will be full facility rentals. Note that if your team rental has already been agreed upon in advance, please go ahead and book it as discussed with myself, Mike or Cathy accordingly.*

-8 Month Membership (October-May): $65/Month
-4 Month Summer Membership (June-September): $45/Month or $150 in Advance for the whole summer. 
-Non Member Lane Rental: $20/Hour
-Guest of a Member Fee: $10/Hour
-Full Facility Rentals: $60/Hour (Weekdays), $45/Hour (Weekends), $80/1.5 Hours (Weekdays), $65/1.5 Hours (Weekends) 
-Private Session with Anthony: $55/Hour (Non-Member), $50/Hour (Member) 
-Team Rental with Anthony: Add $75 to all Full Facility Hour Rentals, and $90 to all Full Facility 1.5 Rentals. 
Payments will be made via the drop box like normal, as well as the use of Venmo/PayPal. Please make checks out to “Anthony Santoro”. 

Please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me a text with any questions you may have or if you need anything at all. I’m thrilled to start seeing everyone at the Bomb Shelter and I look forward to working with all of you! 

Thank you! 
Anthony Santoro
Cell: (315) 317-0129